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Wrath of the Lich King 335a Server

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New HD GraphicsNew DungeonsNew Content
Dungeon MapsTransmogrification

There are still some Realm First’s Up for grabs!!
Click Here to see current realm firsts!

What you will need to play:
  • Game Account, create here.

  • Game Client, downloads here.
    With our client OR your 335a client you get :
    New HD graphics, sunlight, water, lava, buildings, npc’s, creatures, etc. Click Here to view.

    New Dungeons,
    Dungeon Maps,
    New Raids,
    New Maps,
    New Quests,
    New Items,
    Fix max RAM usage (can use 4gb+),

    Fix some UI bugs,
    Fix Cast bar bug.

    You can use your own client, you need to download our game files, here.
    Must be 335a client. If you don’t use our game files our content will not work and you will miss out on a lot!

  • We recommend patching your wow.exe here.
    Use more than 4gb RAM + other fixes.
    (our game client has this pre done!)


realmlist = mgawow.ddns.net

Once in game type “/join world” without the “. And relog. This will join you to a cross faction global chat channel. Best place to get cross faction dungeon & raid groups.

Server Info Click Here

Login Server : Online
Realm Server : Online


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