Free Instant Level 80
Free Instant Level 80

Free Instant Level 80

FREE Instant Level 80

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In the Voters Zone you will find “Deus“.  If you have A “MGA Instant Level 80 Voucher he will boost you to level 80 and more!

Everyone gets ONE free level 80, if you want more visit the shop.


Log into game and create a character to become level 80.

Visit the vote shop (click here) , scroll to the bottom of the shop and click the buy button on the Instant Level 80 Voucher.

Select the character you want to receive the voucher on.

Login game if not all ready and visit the nearest mail box (there is one in all starting zones)

Once you have your voucher speak to Aaron, he can be found in all starting zones & cities

To use Aaron you must have voted in the last 12 hours, click here to vote.

Visit the Voters Zone and find Deus.

  1. Pick 2 Professions at 450 skill level.
  2. All Weapon Skills (via the Weapon Master FREE).
  3. All Class spells. (will need to visit trainer for talents spells upgrades)
  4. 4x 32 slot bags.
  5. PvE Gear Set.
  6. PvP Gear Set.
  7. 50 Emblems of Triumph.
  8. 50K Gold.

MGA Instant Level 80 Voucher can be bought from the online shop here.

You can also get them from GM Events!

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