Server Info

Server Info

Game Client Supported = World of Warcraft 3.3.5a. Build:12340
Use our client and get more! See info further down.

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Realm News Here.

Realmlist = mgawow.ddns.net

Server Rates:
XP = 200%***
Professions = 200%*
Reputation = 200%
Gold Drop Rate = 200%
Item Drop Rate = 200%

New characters start with…
1 gold
75K honor points
800 Vote Points (must vote at least once)
(to buy heirlooms)

Server rates will change once population is good.
so don’t forget for vote.

Horde & Alliance can group

world chat, a sever wide chat for all factions.
in game do “/join world” without the “

  • New Zones. **
  • New Quests.
  • New Dungeons.
  • Voters Zone.
  • Play Bots (Hire up to 4 bots to help you).
  • Dungeon Maps. **
  • Updated HD Game graphics.**
  • Transmogrification.
  • Recruit/Refer-A-Friend (Get a XP bonus playing with a friend).

Login Server :
Realm Server :



Top Voters:

Orange = 100% skill change gain.
Yellow = 75%
Green = 50%
Grey = 5%

To access this content fully you need our game updates, you need our game client updates.
Visit the downloads page. (MGAWoW Game Launcher)

We do bonus XP events, these can last 1-28 days, the base XP rate will be increased, max is 1000%. Make sure you check server news as often as you can, here.