Player Bots

Player Bots

MGA Player Bots

MGA Bots Info.
The Bots have a very good AI, they will act like a real player.
Bots come in all classes and races, if you are alliance you can only hire alliance bots, same for the horde.

  • You can hire up to 4 Bots (to hire a Death Knight you must be level 55+).
  • The price to hire the Bot is level based, the higher level you are the more it costs to hire one.
  • Your Bots will be the same level as you and level up as you do.
  • If you die or the Bot does, use the addon to revive them.
  • Bots will auto teleport its self to your location after say you take a flight path, teleport to a dungeon.
  • Your Bot will auto mount the same type of mount you do.

Your Bot can:

  1. Join group with you (heal, dps, tank, off tank, ranged)
  2. Loot options including mining, herbalism, etc.
  3. Auto buff / heal you.
  4. Join RDF (Random Dungeon Finder) with you. (to leave queue leave group).
  5. Join Battlegrounds  with you.
  6. Join Raid groups
  7. Equip items you loot, buy. (including soul bound & heirlooms items)
  8. Drink pots, use items.
  9. You can tell one or more bots to stay in town when you quest.
  10. Set priority targets when questing or in dungeon.
    Heal target = skull .
    Tank target = star .
    Off Tank target = circle .
    DPS target = diamond .
    Ranged DPS target = triangle .
    Don’t Attack = moon .

In game find Lagretta, she is located in Voters Zone, speak to her to hire a Bot.  You will also see some Bots randomly in game wondering about.

We will always make sure there are Bots available.

This page shows how many Bots are available to hire. Once hired the bot is yours to keep as long as you login once a fortnight.
After hiring the bot (it will take a few seconds for the bot to appear). Talk to your Bot.

From here you can:

  • equip items from your bags to your Bot.
  • manage Bots roles, DPS, Tank, Healer.
  • manage your Bots talents & abilities.
  • join your bot to a group with you.
  • And Much More, explore the menu.


MGABots Addon – Give you a simple image interface to control your Bot.
If you use the MGA Launcher, it will auto add this for you.

Install like any other addon.
Extract the downloaded file to your World of Warcraft Interface/Addons directory.

Addon Commands.
/netherbot show
/netherbot hid


There are some EPIC bots you can hire, but only during special event times and a VERY limited number.


Player Bot Extras
Depending on Player Bot’s class, there may be extra options found in the Gossip menu for that Player Bot

For example, Rogue Player Bots will present the options:
– Help me pick a lock (XX)
– I need you to refresh poisons
– <Choose poison (Main Hand)>
– <Choose poison (Offhand)>

Lockpicks allow you to open locked chests in the world and locked items in your inventory. The skill level (XX) is based on NPCBot’s level
Poisons can be chosen for the expected encounters. You’ll have to tell your Player Bot to refresh the poisons when you are done

Shaman Player Bots have similar menu for their weapon enchants

Mage Player Bots will give you:
– I need food
– I need drink
– I need a refreshment table

These options will summon a stack of food or drink for you
If your level is high enough, the mage Player Bot can summon a refreshment table

Warlock Player Bots will present the options:
– I need your healthstone
– I need a soulwell

First option will make that Warlock give you their healthstone
If your level is high enough, the warlock Player Bot can summon a soulwell
Level restrictions are applied here, too

Hunter and Warlock Player Bots (once they reach level 10) also have pet submenu:
– <Choose pet type>

You are still aware of level restrictions, right?
Because they don’t quite apply to Hunter. He can summon any pet type, yet exotic pets are only unlocked at 80

Lastly, all Player Bots will have the following extra options:
– You are dismissed
– Nevermind

You are dismissed will remove the Player Bot from your control. They will become pissed off, throw all their gear at you and return back to their spawn location. They will also become enraged for 5 minutes to the point where they will attack anyone attempting to hire them (this can be disabled in config)
Nevermind will simply close out the Gossip menu