Refer a Friend How Does it Work

Refer a Friend How Does it Work

Refer a Friend How Does it Work

When you Refer-A-Friend make sure they use your character name you want to level together.  As both players will get some items!!

If your online you will need to relog for the boosts to take effect!


When you create your account or visit the Players Area you will be ask for a character username. (IMPORTANT USE CHARCTER NAME NOT ACCOUNT NAME).  Enter your in game friends  character name.  This is the player that referred you.  Now in game add them as a friend!

In game, you MUST add your as a in game friend.

If you then play together in game you will get;

  • XP Bonus (Must stay in range and be within 5 levels of each other, max level is 80).
  • Reputation Bonus (Must stay in range, total 2.5x gain).
  • Summon Other Player Once Per Hour.

For referring a friend you will both get.

From your Friends screen in game click the icon next to there name to summon them.
You MUST be in a party!

Once Refer-A-Friend is setup, any new characters you make and level together will be linked! Allowing you to summon each other ONCE per hour! BUT you only get the bonus items once!


How to Setup Refer-A-Friend 

Visit the players area (here), If you have NOT setup RAF you will see;

Enter the character name of the player that referred and your character name.

Your friend will get an email asking them to confirm.

Once they confirm you BOTH will get the bonus items plus the in game bonus (like increased XP, summon friend, etc.)

What’s my RAF link?
Visit the players section (here), each character has its on link